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Tesla Model 3 Hacked in Canada

Two hackers in Vancouver had won a Tesla after they have found loophole in Telsa’s web browser that let them bypass security. This happened at a Pwn2Own hacking contest in Vancouver where so called white hackers and security experts gather to try to exploit various computer systems . Pwn2Own has been going on for over … Continue reading Tesla Model 3 Hacked in Canada

Air Canada Hacked

Air Canada said that over 20,000 profiles saved into their mobile app have been compromised and info such as customer’s Aeroplan number, passport number, Nexus number, known traveller number, gender, birth date, nationality, passport expiration date, passport country of issuance and country of residence could have been accessed. After discovering the breach Air Canada has shut … Continue reading Air Canada Hacked

West Vancouver Servers Hacked

District of West Vancouver, westvancouver.ca, recently discovered that they have malware installed on their servers potentially accessing thousands of users data over the last few years. It is possible that over 4,870 people data have been compromised. While noone knows for sure if data compromised was used or will be used for illegal purposes, West Vancouver … Continue reading West Vancouver Servers Hacked

Not enough cyber security talent in Canada, Deloitte reports

A new report by Deloitte said that Canada is severely lacking cyber security talent , and shortage of talent is not being addressed enough by universities and colleges. Deloitte says that demand for cyber security professionals is climbing up by a rate of 7% annually with 5,000 of roles expected to be filled by 2021. … Continue reading Not enough cyber security talent in Canada, Deloitte reports

Hackers Might Be Listening to Your Phone

This might not come as a surprise to many people but your phone (well more accurately your office VoiP phone) might have been hacked and hackers on the other side of the world are listening in. Many VoIP office phones (sold by such online stores as www.VoIPGizmos.ca in Canada) and produced by such companies such … Continue reading Hackers Might Be Listening to Your Phone

Loblaw’s Loyalty PC Points Stolen After a Hack

Go check your PC points account, loyalty program operated by Canadian retail conglomerate Loblaw Companies,  you might have been the latest victim of a hack conducted by hackers over the last few months. According to CBC, many stolen points ended up being redeemed for products at Loblaws stores in Quebec even though PC points users saying … Continue reading Loblaw’s Loyalty PC Points Stolen After a Hack